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Summary of the Meeting held 14th April 2011

posted 2 May 2011, 02:24 by Rosemary Godfrey
  • To bring the membership of the committee back into line with our constitution, only groups listed in the schedule dated 1989 may appoint representatives. The secretary will write to all groups concerned.
  • The rates payable for sports using the hall will change from a flat rate to a discount to eliminate an inconsistency that meant the hire of the small hall was more expensive when used for sports.
  • Weekend rates will be renamed peak rates and start from 5.45pm on Friday nights.
  • To avoid a clash the band will not use the hall on Friday evenings when ChilZone are in.
  • Walking club and Peter Knight (independent candidate) were given permission to use the car park.
  • An improved method of securing the overflow car park gate will be installed.
  • Holders will be put in the foyer for leaflets advertising the hall and the 100 Club. It was deemed too expensive to put regular advertisements in local publications.
  • All gas appliances have been serviced and an up-to-date landlord certificate obtained.
  • The high, pale blue curtains in the large hall will be cleaned, but do not need new fire retardant treatment.
  • After the AGM, a working party will be arranged for spring cleaning and other maintenance tasks.
  • The next fund raising event is the clairvoyant evening on 15th April. There will be another one held on 14th October.
  • A long term solution for the safe parking of the tractor and mowers is needed.
  • Past papers will be reviewed to check whether there was any written agreement regarding groups that do not currently pay for their cupboard space.
  • In preparation for the AGM the trustees annual report has been written and the books have been passed to the accountant.
  • The comments book will be annotated to ask people to put dates against their comments.
  • An order will be placed for new seats for the junior swings, which have been damaged.
  • We will look into replacing the litter bin by the goal with a heavier, fixed bin that cannot be easily blown or knocked over.
  • If cupboard 5 in the kitchen is to be cleared out, Linda Willis who originally donated the crockery would like first refusal.
  • Use of the website is increasing with one visitor contacting us to recover lost property.
  • The new 03300 number is working successfully and to date has only cost 40p!