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Summary of the Meeting held 10th February 2011

posted 20 Feb 2011, 14:52 by Rosemary Godfrey
The new officials elected at the emergency meeting held on 27th January 2011 are Brian Perry (chairman), Rosemary Godfrey (secretary), Syrena Cator (minutes secretary), Natasha Walker (treasurer) and Chrissie Pymar (bookings clerk)*. Janice Howells from Norfolk RCC attended the meeting. The committee spent some time discussing the roles and responsibilities of members and how we will work together in future to ensure that we comply with charity law and our governing document. Committee meetings will remain closed to the public, except for the AGM held in May.
Other business discussed was that:
  • we now have an online calendar showing hall availability accessible to all from the website bookings page;
  • we will obtain an 03 phone number for bookings which will be forwarded to the booking clerk’s home number and can be diverted to another person when she is away;
  • we will make a key available in a box for access to cupboards 4 and 5 where the gas and electricity meters are held in case access is needed in an emergency;
  • we are to review the usage of all the cupboards in order to free up much needed storage space;
  • additional keys will be cut for regular users;
  • we agreed new rates for weddings and that these will be published on the website alongside our other hire prices;
  • new regular hires will be asked to pay monthly in advance;
  • we are reviewing our cleaning and waste suppliers;
  • the agreement for the fees paid by the football club is to be revised to comply with requirements for the club to obtain a grant;
  • we are to check the insurance policy regarding the status of non-committee members working as volunteers at fund raising events.
* Since the meeting Lynsey Long has agreed to be bookings clerk in Mrs Pymar’s place.