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Meeting Summary 9 Sept 2010

posted 21 Sep 2010, 07:00 by Christine Winter   [ updated 21 Sep 2010, 07:35 ]
Summary of the meeting of the Village Hall Committee, 9 September 2010 at 7.30 pm.


Mr Howe opened the meeting by explaining that in future we would be holding closed meetings in order to be more productive in our meetings. As a charity we are not required to hold open meetings like the Parish Council. With such a large committee we need to be focused on getting through the agenda. The AGM will be an open meeting but all the others in future will be closed to the public. Guests can be invited by the chairman if they are attending to give some specific advice or information that the committee requires in order to perform its role. Mr Howe introduced three guests who had been invited to assist us at this meeting.

Ms Lucinda Leonard from Norfolk Rural Community Council who is an expert on the management of charities. Mr Martin Eyles, Chairman of the Parish Council and Mrs Fran Brown, Clerk to the Parish Council.

Uninvited members of the public left the meeting with the agreement that a monthly summary of the meeting would be included in Connect Magazine.


Ms Leonard of the NRCC explained that committee members share equally the financial management of the charity, and confirmed that we are all active trustees listed on the charity commission website. Although the Constitution is important to help up manage the village hall at a local level, there is legislation that covers the management of charities that takes precedence over the Constitution. Mrs Read asked if it is allowed for members to ask a representative of their group to stand in for them if they are not available to attend a meeting. Ms Leonard has checked this point and has confirmed that the answer is no, all trustees are there as individuals they can’t be represented by someone else.

Mrs J.Godfrey asked if the WI closes down can she still stay on the committee. Ms Leonard has confirmed that she would have to step down if the group she represent folds.

Mr Eyles asked what happens if the village hall became insolvent and goes into the red, could the hall be closed and boarded up. Ms Leonard confirmed that it would and we would be legally liable, however it would be down to us to demonstrate that we had acted as responsible trustee’s to the best of our knowledge. She advised us that if faced with insolvency there is help available to guide us through.

Financial Management of the Village Hall

In light of the above and the fact that the village hall is not in profit we must put in place measures to make sure all financial transactions are transparent and accountable. It was suggested that we could reduce the bank accounts held from three to two, merging the playground account with the charity account to make extra interest. The only cost currently coming out of the playground account is the ROSPA charge for testing the playground. It was proposed that this could come out of current account. This was proposed by Mrs Fricker and seconded by Mrs Long. Currently the treasurer receives statements once a month from the bank, Mrs Brown recommended getting an online account to have current access to information rather than waiting for statements to arrive in the post. There are three people able to sign cheques but the vice chairman should also be able to sign so that there is no conflict of interest and removed the need for the treasurer to sign cheques for the caretaker who is her partner. Mrs Buckle to arrange these changes by the next meeting. Conflicts of interest should be declared by any committee member at the start of the meeting if a subject on the agenda shows they may have a conflict. When that subject comes up on the agenda the committee member should leave meeting while it is discussed.

Maintenance costs

Mrs Grace pointed out that considering our current funding level we should try wherever possible to get maintenance work done freely by the trustees, family and friends if they have the required skills. Also when there has been an event and extra help is needed to clear up the following day Mrs Grace suggested that Mrs Buckle ask for help from other trustees. Mrs Fricker suggested a working day policy where we all meet on an agreed date to do routine tasks. One solution would be to have a sub committee looking at the outstanding maintenance tasks that the caretaker would be expected to do and allocate them to the most appropriate person whether that be the caretaker or one of the trustees. Mr Wallace and Mr Howe volunteered to form this sub group. Proposed by Mrs Grace and Seconded by Mrs Fricker. The question of employment status of the caretaker was raised again by Mrs R Godfrey. Mrs Winter to check the current legal status with the Inland Revenue and ACAS and report back at the next meeting. However, it is critical that in future Mr Grimwood provides a fully itemised invoice for services supplied every month rather than a timesheet that does not show any information regarding the business name that he trades under.


There are currently 72 members but a lot of reminders will be sent out this month so the number may change. Mr Driver has made no progress getting new members. When the new website is launched there will be a membership form available on it for the 100 club.


25 Sept Norfolk Nights have sold 32 tickets. Mrs Long is going to ask the school if we can borrow their stage. There is a Clairvoyant Evening booked for the evening of 15 October. A request was made that Fun Day next year is not held on Fathers Day as a lot of people are unavailable. Another date to be identified and confirmed at the next meeting.


The website is being launched in the October edition of Connect. However is it already live at if you would like to see what stage it is at. Ms Leonard pointed out that the charity number needs to feature on any page.